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Artist:TV Girl
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Comes on vinyl LP.

“Who Really Cares” is the enchanting album by TV Girl, a band known for their unique fusion of indie pop, dream pop, and lo-fi aesthetics. Released in 2016, this album takes listeners on a mesmerizing sonic journey filled with introspection, nostalgia, and a touch of whimsical charm.

With “Who Really Cares,” TV Girl further refines their signature sound, effortlessly blending hazy production, infectious melodies, and cleverly crafted lyrics. The album opens with the captivating track “Taking What’s Not Yours,” instantly immersing listeners in TV Girl’s dreamy sonic landscape. From there, the album unfolds like a series of vignettes, each song offering a glimpse into the band’s introspective musings and storytelling prowess.

Throughout the album, TV Girl explores themes of love, longing, and existential contemplation. Tracks like “Cigarettes out the Window,” “Not Allowed,” and “Safeword” showcase the band’s ability to craft emotionally resonant narratives, where melancholic lyrics are juxtaposed against infectious melodies. The introspective nature of the album invites listeners to reflect on their own experiences and contemplate the complexities of human relationships.

“Who Really Cares” is a captivating album that invites listeners into TV Girl’s world of dreamy melodies and introspective musings. With its enchanting blend of nostalgia, clever lyrics, and captivating production, the album solidifies TV Girl’s position as a standout act in the indie pop landscape, leaving listeners yearning for more with each subsequent listen.


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