Little Jesus – Disco de Oro – Gold Vinyl LP


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Comes on gold colored vinyl LP.

Disco de Oro is the second studio album by the Mexican indie rock band Little Jesus, released in 2019. The album features a mix of indie rock, psychedelic pop, and electronic music, with lyrics in both English and Spanish.

The album opens with the upbeat and catchy track “Los Ángeles”, which sets the tone for the rest of the album with its energetic guitar riffs and catchy chorus. Other standout tracks include “TQM”, a dreamy and introspective ballad that showcases the band’s ability to blend different genres seamlessly, and “Química”, an upbeat danceable track that features electronic beats and infectious melodies.

Throughout the album, Little Jesus explores a range of themes, from love and heartbreak to self-discovery and personal growth. The lyrics are introspective and thoughtful, yet never lose the sense of fun and joy that characterizes the band’s music.

Overall, Disco de Oro is a dynamic and eclectic album that showcases Little Jesus’ ability to create innovative and genre-defying music. With its catchy hooks, infectious melodies, and thoughtful lyrics, this album is sure to delight fans of indie rock and pop music alike.

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