Our Used Vinyl Grades

Images of used records here at Record Foundry are of the actual records you will receive.
Our used records are graded using the Goldmine grading system.

The following is an example of what you should expect based on the grade the record received by our team.

  • NM (Near Mint): No visible defects. No writing, stickers, spindle marks, or any other imperfections on label. These records will appears unplayed and unhandled.
  • VG++: (Very Good Plus Plus)These records might have some light wear including sleeve scuffs or other superficial marks that do not affect play.
  • VG+: (Very Good Plus) Will have some light signs of wear that may include sleeve scuffs, very light scratches, or other superficial marks.
  • VG: (Very Good) Very similar to VG+ record imperfections, but they’re either more pronounced and larger in number.
  • VG-: (Very Good Minus) Many light scratches or scuffs. These records may have isolated defects such as a scratch that can be felt with a fingernail can receive a VG- or lower grade. Some ongoing noise is expected at this grade level.
  • G: (Good) Records will have many imperfections, including but not limited to deep scratches . Playing them will produce a lot of background noise, clicks and pops.
  • F: (Fair)Records are cracked, warped, or skip and or repeat when an attempt is made to play them.