Metallica – …And Justice for All – Green 2LP Vinyl Album


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Comes on 2LP vinyl.

“And Justice for All” is a landmark album by the legendary American heavy metal band Metallica. Released in 1988 this is the 2021 reissue.

Standout tracks such as “One,” “Blackened,” and the epic title track “And Justice for All” epitomize the album’s intensity and lyrical depth. These songs showcase Metallica’s ability to seamlessly shift between blistering thrash metal sections and haunting melodic passages, creating a dynamic and emotionally charged listening experience.

With “And Justice for All,” Metallica pushed the boundaries of heavy metal and solidified their status as one of the genre’s greatest acts. The album’s combination of technical complexity, intense energy, and socio-political commentary make it a timeless and essential part of the band’s discography. It remains a powerful testament to Metallica’s artistic vision and their unwavering commitment to pushing the limits of their craft.

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