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Comes on vinyl LP.

“Kill ‘Em All” is the electrifying debut studio album by the American heavy metal band Metallica. Released in 1983 this is the 2021 reissue.

Standout tracks like “Seek & Destroy,” “The Four Horsemen,” and “Whiplash” showcase Metallica’s knack for crafting memorable and headbanging anthems. These songs are filled with aggressive guitar riffs, blistering solos, and adrenaline-fueled rhythms that captivate listeners and propel them into a moshing frenzy.

With “Kill ‘Em All,” Metallica burst onto the scene with a furious and unapologetic sound that captivated metalheads worldwide. The album’s relentless energy and uncompromising approach solidify its status as a classic and an essential part of Metallica’s discography. It remains a testament to the band’s beginnings, their musical roots, and their unyielding determination to create music that resonates with fans who crave intensity, aggression, and the unrelenting power of heavy metal.

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