Willow – Empathogen – Brown Vinyl LP


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Comes on brown vinyl LP.

Pressing released in May 2024 – (Willow) “The singer and songwriter explains how the funk-inspired record emerged in a similar way, pouring out of her after a moment of self-reflection. Willow wields her voice as a percussive tool across the weighted song, crafting a sonic atmosphere that reflects her own indecision when faced with the question: will you stay and fight, or run and hide?

Lyrically, “Run!” captures Willow in a conflicted emotional state. She remembers the song pouring out of her in one day as she processed the tension between staying or leaving someone. “I’m trying so hard to be in the moment and see their sincerity and not let my toxic mental pattern paint them as this person who’s trying to attack me or judge me,” she recalls. In the end, she chooses to leave, a feeling she calls “beautiful,” but admits, “There’s almost a sadness to it because it’s like I wasn’t strong enough to stay in the moment and see this person for who they really were, and I just ran from the situation.” (source is rolling stone.com)




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