Robert Schumann – Schumann Davidsbundlertanze Nachtstucke Claudio Arrau – Import Vinyl LP


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Comes on vinyl LP. Pressed in The Netherlands.

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Disc is in excellent condition. Disc is labeled: 6500 178

Embark on a journey through the passionate and introspective world of Robert Schumann with the masterful interpretation of Claudio Arrau. In this captivating album, Arrau, renowned for his profound understanding of Romantic repertoire, delves into Schumann’s evocative Davidsbündlertänze and Nachtstücke, delivering performances that resonate with emotional depth and artistic finesse.

Schumann’s Davidsbündlertänze, or “Dances of the League of David,” are a kaleidoscope of contrasting moods, ranging from tender lyricism to fiery exuberance. Composed during a period of intense creative fervor, these pieces reflect Schumann’s inner turmoil and his devotion to Clara Wieck, his muse and later wife. Arrau’s nuanced interpretations illuminate the intricate interplay of light and shadow within these character pieces, revealing the composer’s profound insights into the human psyche.

The Nachtstücke, or “Night Pieces,” further immerse the listener in Schumann’s introspective world, where dreams and reality intertwine. Through Arrau’s sensitive touch and expressive phrasing, these nocturnal vignettes unfold with mesmerizing beauty, evoking a sense of mystery and longing. Experience the timeless beauty and profound emotional depth of Schumann’s piano works through the unparalleled artistry of Claudio Arrau in this exceptional recording.


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