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Comes on pink vinyl LP.

“Jazz” is a dynamic and eclectic album by the legendary British rock band Queen, released in 1978 – this is a 2023 reissue.

One of the standout tracks on the album is the iconic hit “Bicycle Race,” which combines catchy hooks, layered harmonies, and clever lyrics to create an irresistibly fun and playful song. Another highlight is the rockabilly-inspired “Fat Bottomed Girls,” which showcases Queen’s ability to infuse their rock sound with elements of other genres, creating a unique and memorable musical blend.

Throughout the album, Queen demonstrates their prowess as songwriters and musicians, with each band member making significant contributions. Freddie Mercury’s powerful vocals soar on tracks like “Dead on Time” and “Don’t Stop Me Now,” showcasing his dynamic range and charismatic stage presence. Brian May’s guitar work shines on songs like the epic “Dreamer’s Ball” and the melodic and introspective “Jealousy.” John Deacon’s bass lines provide a solid foundation, and Roger Taylor’s drumming drives the energy and rhythm of the album.

With its eclectic mix of musical styles, memorable melodies, and the band’s undeniable chemistry, “Jazz” solidifies Queen’s status as one of the greatest and most innovative rock bands of all time. It stands as a testament to their enduring legacy and their ability to continually captivate audiences with their music.

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