PinkPantheress – Heaven Knows – White Vinyl LP + Poster


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Comes on white vinyl LP and includes poster.

The path from TikTok phenom to career artist is a challenging one, and while 22-year-old British singer-songwriter PinkPantheress has navigated it far better than most, a big test comes with “Heaven Knows,” her first conventional full-length album.

Conventional because her actual debut album, 2021’s excellent “To Hell With It,” squeezed 10 songs into just 18-and-a-half minutes and found the young artist bending pop music’s standards to her TikTok-incubated style: complete songs — with verses and choruses and a bridge — clocking in at 1:48, 1:22, 1:36, with the longest topping out at just over two and a half minutes. But a few months later she dropped “Boy’s a Liar,” one of the biggest singles of this year, the remix of which boosted her into the upper echelons of the charts with no small thanks to Ice Spice, who slipped a saucy rap into the song’s “Pt. 2” remix and still kept the running time at 2:11. (source variety.com)

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