Natalia Lafourcade – Hasta La Raiz – Vinyl LP Album – Import


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Comes on vinyl LP.

“Hasta la Raíz” is a captivating and soul-stirring album by Mexican singer-songwriter Natalia Lafourcade. Released in 2015 this is the 2022 pressing. This musical masterpiece explores themes of love, loss, and self-discovery, showcasing Lafourcade’s exceptional talent for blending traditional Latin American sounds with modern sensibilities. The title track, “Hasta la Raíz,” sets the tone for the entire album, drawing listeners into a deeply personal and introspective journey. Lafourcade’s evocative lyrics and expressive vocals convey a raw emotional honesty that resonates throughout the entire collection. The album’s production is a seamless fusion of folk, pop, and Latin influences, creating a rich sonic tapestry that reflects the diversity of Lafourcade’s musical palette.

Songs like “Nunca Es Suficiente” and “Mi Lugar Favorito” showcase Lafourcade’s ability to create infectious melodies while maintaining a deep emotional resonance. The album earned critical acclaim, winning multiple Latin Grammy Awards, including Album of the Year.

“Hasta la Raíz” is more than just an album; it’s a lyrical and sonic journey that invites listeners to explore the depths of their emotions. Natalia Lafourcade’s artistry and the album’s production make it a landmark release in the Latin music scene, and it continues to captivate audiences with its beauty, authenticity, and timeless appeal.

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