Linkin Park – Minutes to Midnight – Yellow Vinyl Album


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Comes on yellow vinyl LP.

“Minutes to Midnight” is the third studio album by American rock band Linkin Park, released in 2007 – this is the 2021 pressing. It marks a significant departure from their previous nu metal sound, showcasing the band’s evolution and experimentation with alternative rock and more introspective songwriting.The album opens with the explosive track “Given Up,” which immediately grabs listeners’ attention with its heavy guitars, pounding drums, and Chester Bennington’s impassioned vocals. From there, “Minutes to Midnight” takes listeners on a dynamic and emotionally charged journey.

The album showcases a more mature and introspective side of Linkin Park. Tracks like “Leave Out All the Rest” and “Shadow of the Day” delve into themes of introspection, loss, and personal reflection, with Chester’s haunting vocals delivering raw and vulnerable performances. The lyrics explore the complexities of relationships, self-discovery, and the struggles of navigating life’s challenges. “Minutes to Midnight” also includes the politically charged hit single “What I’ve Done,” which became an anthem for social awareness and environmental activism. The song’s powerful message and anthemic chorus resonated with fans worldwide, solidifying the band’s ability to connect on a broader scale.






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