Lana Del Rey – Born to Die – Vinyl LP


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“Born to Die” is a critically acclaimed album that was released in 2012. The album features lush, cinematic arrangements, incorporating elements of orchestral pop and trip-hop. Del Rey’s dreamy vocals are at the forefront of each track, and her lyrics are poetic and often explore themes of love, loss, and the darker side of the American dream.

The album’s title track, “Born to Die,” is a hauntingly beautiful ballad that showcases Del Rey’s vocal range and lyrical depth. Other standout tracks include “Video Games,” “Blue Jeans,” and “Summertime Sadness,” all of which have become fan favorites.”Born to Die” established Del Rey as a major force in the music industry and helped to popularize the “sad girl” aesthetic that has become synonymous with her image. The album has since become a classic of its genre and remains a fan favorite to this day.






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