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Comes on orange vinyl LP.

“So where do you stand on Ice Spice, then? In little over a year, the New York artist has gone from complete unknown to being anointed the city’s hottest prospect. She’s a viral sensation that, whether by design or accident, is already considered a meme-worthy icon, and has suffered the ire of crude internet hate, usually exclusively reserved for non-male musicians. An (alleged) beef with Drake has only heightened the attention.

The 23-year-old turned heads with a viral dance video in 2021, and by the following summer she was firing off chart-bothering hits. A smooth spoken-word style is where Spice finds her stride. Speaking to Erykah Badu in Interview, she said the ‘rapper’ title is something she pays no mind: “I know a lot of people try to categorise me [as a rapper] but I just like to create things,” she said. Much like the sardonic vocals heard in the latest post-punk revival, Ice Spice says plenty in her delivery, relying on the tonality of her voice – levelled, calm – to do much of the heavy lifting.

It makes ‘Like…?’, her debut project, such a sharp listen. Her voice remains monotone but that only makes the lines hit harder. On ‘In Ha Mood’, she bats off those who are envious of such a rapid rise: “They like, ‘Ice how you always stay hot?’ / Oh they mad cos I keep making bops”, she says, adding that “I’d hate me a lot” if she were in their shoes. (source nme.com)

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