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Artist:Green Day
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Comes on 2LP vinyl.

Insomniac is the fourth studio album by American punk rock band Green Day, 25th anniversary pressing was released on March 2021. It is a high-energy and fast-paced album that showcases the band’s signature sound of loud guitars, fast drums, and catchy melodies. The album is filled with punk anthems that explore themes of angst, rebellion, and disillusionment with society.

The album opens with the frenzied track “Armatage Shanks” and continues with high-energy tracks like “Geek Stink Breath” and “Brain Stew.” “Stuck with Me” and “86” are standout tracks that showcase the band’s ability to write catchy hooks and memorable choruses. The album also includes the hit single “Walking Contradiction,” which features a catchy guitar riff and sing-along chorus.

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