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Comes on vinyl LP.

“Holy Fire” is the third studio album by the British indie rock band Foals, released in 2013 – this is the 2021 reissue. With this album, Foals ventured into new sonic territories, crafting an electrifying and emotionally charged musical journey that captivates listeners from start to finish.

From the anthemic fervor of tracks like “Inhaler” and “My Number” to the hauntingly atmospheric “Late Night” and “Milk & Black Spiders,” each song on “Holy Fire” showcases Foals’ ability to seamlessly blend infectious melodies with introspective lyricism. The result is an album that feels both exhilarating and deeply resonant, inviting listeners to lose themselves in its sonic landscape while pondering the complexities of existence.

“Holy Fire” stands as a testament to Foals’ evolution as musicians and songwriters, marking a bold and adventurous chapter in their discography. With its dynamic soundscapes and thought-provoking lyrics, this album continues to captivate audiences and solidify Foals’ status as one of the most innovative bands in contemporary indie rock.

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