Disney – Danny Elfman – The Nightmare Before Christmas Soundtrack – 2 Vinyl LP Album


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Comes on 2 vinyl LP.

“The Nightmare Before Christmas” is a 2016 reissue for the 1993 animated film of the same name. Danny Elfman composed the music for the film, and the soundtrack features a delightful and haunting collection of songs that perfectly capture the whimsical and spooky atmosphere of Tim Burton’s dark fantasy world.

The album includes iconic tracks such as “This Is Halloween,” “Jack’s Lament,” and “What’s This?” Each song showcases Elfman’s unique ability to blend catchy melodies with a touch of eerie charm, creating a musical landscape that complements the film’s enchanting visuals. The soundtrack seamlessly weaves between different musical genres, from energetic and upbeat numbers to melancholic and introspective pieces, mirroring the film’s diverse narrative.

Listeners will find themselves immersed in a world where Halloween and Christmas collide, experiencing the magic of Danny Elfman’s compositions that have become synonymous with the film’s enduring appeal. The soundtrack for “The Nightmare Before Christmas” has become a classic in its own right, appreciated not only for its connection to the film but also for its timeless and enchanting musical qualities.

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