Dierks Bentley – Gravel & Gold – 2LP Vinyl


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Dierks Bentley’s tenth studio album was release in 2023. The 14-track album marks his debut as a producer and, following the appearance of the tracks “Gold” and “High Note,” featuring Billy Strings, it’s been further previewed by the new song “Same Ol’ Me.” The song sees Bentley balancing midlife adjustments with his long-held passion for country music, reflected in all its forms and sub-genres more than ever before on the new record.

Gravel & Gold is described as a “diverse, 14-track album about perspective and self-awareness at many levels from the personal to the professional. It’s also a testament to the many strains of country music Bentley has mastered and cultivated in his career, from the arena shaker to the barroom weeper to the bluegrass fireballer.



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