Daniel Caesar – Never Enough – Orange 2LP Vinyl Album


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Comes on orange 2LP vinyl.

The Canadian R&B singer’s sleepy, erratically experimental third album proves that good old-fashioned love songs and heartbreak ballads are still his strong suit.

Three standouts, “Always,” “Let Me Go,” and “Valentina,” prove that good old-fashioned love songs and heartbreak ballads remain Caesar’s strong suit. The back half of Never Enough taps into the bedroom R&B of 2018’s “Who Hurt You?” But in a departure from Caesar’s previous duets with women, all of the features on the main tracklist—Mustafa, Omar Apollo, serpentwithfeet, Ty Dolla $ign—are men. “Homiesexual,” an ode to male toxicity, is the most harmonious. “I never meant to make you cry, my girl,” Ty Dolla professes to a lover who’s already moved on. Since he monopolized the Auto-Tune, Caesar balances the track with lustful vocals: “I-I-I know you like it nasty.” When he’s not over-intellectualizing his emotions, Caesar can be disarmingly raw. If only he didn’t write like a cyborg the rest of the time…source www.pitchfork.com

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