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Comes on blue vinyl LP – part of the DOL “blue” collection.

Mingus Ah Um is a groundbreaking jazz masterpiece that stands as a testament to the genius of Charles Mingus, one of the most innovative and influential figures in the history of jazz music. Released in 1959, this album is the 2020 DOL blue collection pressing…this is a vibrant and eclectic exploration of Mingus’ diverse musical influences, emotions, and compositional prowess.  From the very first notes, Mingus Ah Um immerses the listener in a world of creativity, complexity, and raw emotion. The album showcases Mingus’ remarkable ability to blend traditional jazz with elements of blues, gospel, and classical music. Each track is a unique sonic journey, revealing his talent for storytelling through music.

The album opens with “Better Git It in Your Soul,” a lively and infectious composition that sets the tone for the entire record. Mingus’ virtuosic bass playing drives the rhythm while the horns engage in spirited conversations, reflecting the communal spirit of jazz improvisation.  Throughout Mingus Ah Um, Mingus demonstrates his deep reverence for jazz history. “Goodbye Pork Pie Hat” is a poignant and introspective tribute to the legendary saxophonist Lester Young, while “Jelly Roll” pays homage to the pioneering jazz pianist Jelly Roll Morton. These tracks serve as a bridge between the past and the future, highlighting Mingus’ ability to innovate while respecting his musical roots.

This album is a timeless masterpiece that continues to captivate and inspire listeners, showcasing Charles Mingus’ enduring legacy as an artist who pushed the boundaries of jazz and left an indelible mark on the world of music. Mingus Ah Um remains an essential listening experience for jazz enthusiasts and anyone who appreciates the power of creative expression through music.

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