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Comes on 1 LP Purple Colored Vinyl.

Aretha Franklin’s live album, Yeah!!!, is a landmark in the soul music genre. Recorded at Columbia Studios in 1965, the album captures Franklin’s unparalleled vocal talent and ability to connect with her audience through her music.

From the opening notes of “Riot in Cell Block Number Nine,” the album’s energy is palpable, with Franklin’s powerful vocals driving the band forward. The album’s standout tracks, including “Respect” and “Dr. Feelgood,” are masterclasses in soul music, with Franklin’s raw and emotive delivery backed by the band’s infectious rhythms and King Curtis’ soaring saxophone solos.

What sets Yeah!!! apart from other live albums of its era is the sense of intimacy and connection between Franklin and her audience. On songs like “I Never Loved a Man (The Way I Love You)” and “Soul Serenade,” Franklin’s voice soars above the crowd, creating a sense of shared emotion that’s impossible to resist.

Yeah!!! is a classic live album that showcases Aretha Franklin at the height of her powers. Its timeless melodies, powerful vocals, and infectious rhythms make it a must-listen for fans of soul music and 60s rock alike. It’s no wonder that, over 50 years after its release, it’s still considered one of the greatest live albums of all time.

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