Mazzy Star – So Tonight That I Might See – Violet Smoke Purple & Black Splatter Vinyl LP – RSD


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Artist:Mazzy Star
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Comes on violet smoke purple and black splatter vinyl LP.

2024 Record Store Day release.

Indulge in the dreamy, ethereal soundscape of Mazzy Star’s iconic album, “So Tonight That I Might See.” original released in 1993 – this is the 2024 record store day pressing release.

Led by the hauntingly beautiful vocals of Hope Sandoval and the atmospheric guitar work of David Roback, Mazzy Star invites listeners into a world of introspection and longing. From the melancholic allure of “Fade Into You,” a song that has become synonymous with the band’s signature sound, to the hypnotic rhythms of “Blue Light,” each track on the album weaves a spellbinding narrative that resonates with emotional depth and atmospheric richness.



Vinyl Color

Purple & Black Splatter



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